*Loki Tsang* Psychotic Mercenary - Varsity Hoodie - Closet Geek

*Loki Tsang* Psychotic Mercenary - Varsity Hoodie

Loki Tsang is an artist, born in Hong Kong, raised in Northern Ireland and using this mix of eastern and western cultures he creates a magical world elsewhere with his beautiful imagination.

Most of Loki's work features a bear called Sinnamon which appears in the form of your favourite pop culture characters. His distinct style of cartoon like animals with bold outlines and vivid colours make the characters stand out from the luscious scenery of the background. The scenes depict humorous situations with these interesting characters that are cute, but mean and intimidating, mixing reality with imagination.

Venture into this world at lowlabs.com or https://www.facebook.com/lowlabs


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